What is Pick and Pack?

  1. Order Receiving—Your eCommerce sales channels are smoothly integrated with your warehouse systems. When a customer places an order, the software at our midwest fulfillment warehouse generates a packing slip.
  2. Order Picking—Our warehouse worker then takes the packing slip and picks the items for the order from the warehouse shelves. This is the core of the pick and pack service. Our inventory storage strategy and our pick and pack methods will improve the efficiency of this process.
  3. Order Packing—Orders go to a packing station where they are securely packed, sealed, and labeled for shipping. If you're in need of custom packaging to enhance your brand awareness, check out our packaging website.
  4. Order Shipping—Orders are sorted by carrier on the loading dock and are ready for pickup by your designated carrier.

Shipping orders may seem simple. However, there is actually a complex science behind efficient pick and pack methods. Our knowledge of these methods and strategies can help you run your business better. This is true regardless of what size your business is—whether a mom-and-pop eCommerce shop or a multi-million-dollar online store.

So Why is Pick and Pack Beneficial?


Saving Money

The pick and pack method is created to handle jobs of varying sizes, so a minimum order charge is usually not applicable.

Quick Turnaround

Speed is essential to retaining customers! Leave the fast shipping turnaround to the pick and pack crew.


Like our other fulfillment processes, pick and pack is streamlined and very organized, allowing for an accurate and fast shipping experience. A little integration goes a long way in a seamless shipping experience for you and—more importantly—your customers.

Is Pick and Pack Right For You?

If you're struggling to meet demand, save money on the packaging process, or integrate the fulfillment process into your business, New Age's pick and pack is the solution you've been looking for!